Where can I get an acceptance solution?

Tap to pay. A fast, safe and secure experience for your customers.

Deliver an effortless payment experience and encourage your customers to tap to pay with point of sale machine.

*The acquirers are placed in an alphabetical order and not in order of preference.

Merchant’s guide

Discover all you need to know, from selecting and setting up your POS system to accepting digital payments ! Read our merchant’s guide for all the info.

Learn with Visa

As small and microbusiness owners, learn expert tips with Visa on how to start, manage and grow your businesses.
Accepting digital payments. Practical Business Skills by Visa

Accepting Digital Payments

Offering more payment options can attract customers and provide insight into purchasing behaviors.

The Payment Button. Practical Business Skills by Visa

Payment Button

Tools to accept online payments and expand your customer base.

Different ways to pay online. Practical Business Skills by Visa

Online Payment Acceptance

Learn about new digital payment experiences for your customers.