An innovative payment experience for an evolving industry

Learn how Visa Sensory Branding can help you differentiate your payment solution and attract more business.

What is Visa Sensory Branding?

When a Visa transaction is approved, it will trigger an animation, sound and haptic vibration where applicable—helping to put the consumer payment experience at the forefront. As payment methods evolve, sensory branding assures the consumer that their purchase made using Visa is approved.
A smartwatch, a laptop, a smartphone, and a sales terminal all showing a circle with a checkmark in it and the word Approved below.

Discover the benefits

Visa Sensory Branding lets consumers know their Visa purchase is approved. It offers merchants a payment solution to help them stand out from the competition.
Woman merchant handing customer her card after completing sale.
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A new opportunity for your business

Integrate Visa Sensory Branding into your payment solution. It can offer the advantage you’re looking for and lead to new opportunities.
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Enhanced perception

94 percent cited greater favorability toward technology partners.¹
An illustration of a circle pointing in different directions representing customization.

Built-in customization

Color sets, backgrounds and other design options set you apart.
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Easy integration

Visa Sensory Branding requires minimal engineering effort.

Integrating Visa Sensory Branding

Explore the Visa Sensory Branding tools and resources. They’ve been designed to help you seamlessly add sensory branding to your payment solution.
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